Chris Vlok

From Chris’s humble beginnings, tinkering with old BMW’s at 15, he has gone on to race with success all over the world, some of his highlights include being crowned runner up champion in British Formula 3, the championship in which the likes of Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and Jenson Button all raced in before going on to be crowned world champions in Formula 1. In fact, British Formula 3 has produced more F1 World Champions than any other single-seater series world wide.”

Vlok, who portrays himself to his global following as “Professional Racing Driver, Entrepreneur and Adventurer”, began his motorsport career as a result and combination of his passion for speed and business. When his hobby of buying and selling second hand cars whilst at high school led him to build his own race car out of an old BMW, which he went on to begin his racing career within New Zealand at just 15. When asked, Vlok simply responds “Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated with speed, and as soon as I got involved in motorsport, I was hooked. Since then, and still to this day it’s all I think about. I live and breath motorsport”

“25 year old racing driver Chris Vlok is one of the most talented drivers to come out of New Zealand in modern times. Vlok has built an astonishing career through sheer determination and hard work, along with his unrelenting “never give up” attitude, having only started racing at the age of 15, and having done so in a very unique way compared to that of his rivals.”